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    Acknown Technologies is a full service I.T. consultancy delivering comprehensive solutions to most diverse clientele.

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    Acknown Technologies is a full service I.T. consultancy delivering comprehensive solutions to most diverse clientele.

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What We Offer

Acknown Technologies offers a wide range of cost effective solutions to its clients. Here are the areas that our team is good at:

  • Bespoke Web Design
    Bespoke Web Design

    Are you looking for bespoke web design solutions that match your criteria as well as affordable? Then you have come to the right place. Acknown Technologies is the pioneer in offering cutting-edge bespoke web design solution that can cater to your needs in the most specific way. Be it a big corporate house, or a small start up business, Acknown Technologies can offer quality and industry-specific designs.

    The team of experienced and highly dedicated professionals can provide you unrivalled web design and redesign solutions. Our expertise enables us to deliver powerful bespoke websites and that too on time and on budget. Since years, our clients have unwavering trust on our services due to the following reasons.

    • Streamlined suite of design and development tools

    • Flexible and meticulous development practices

    • Simplified and high-precision integration with leading back office systems

    • Design that complements the brand identity

    • A positive attitude with go-getter approach

    A unique website offers you a high rank on the major search engines. For this purpose, you have to resort to a bespoke website. Acknown’s bespoke design can help you get the best as well as original design. We build and code the websites in such a way, so that it can perfectly in line with the rules and standards set by the major search engines. Usability and search engine ranking is where we give the main focus and at the same time, we try to maintain the aesthetic quality of the site. After all, no one will be interested to visit the site, if the design is something tiring to their eyes.

    Our bespoke web design services will be highly effective to attract traffic from your target market. Moreover, it will help increasing your conversion rate. In addition, we help you to clearly monitor the source of your visitors, their preferences, as well as the time they spend in your website. We provide necessary focus on analyzing your traffic. It helps us to gain an in-depth understanding of what your visitors are looking for in your website.

    Get in touch with us for immediate consultation. You can also mail us by mentioning your web design needs.

  • Intranet Solutions
    Intranet Solutions

    Acknown Technologies is known for offering high quality and cutting-edge intranet solutions that can help you increase productivity within your organization. Acknown’s bespoke intranet solutions are best-in-class in their own right.

    The services offered by us help you create an environment, which is extremely conducive to excellence in the knowledge sharing and distributing process. We breathe in a philosophy that enables us to provide expert, industry-specific strategic services that offer the true value for money and maintain the quality standards throughout. Our comprehensive intranet solutions are not only reasonable in terms of price, but also offer fast and effective assistance to the IT as well as non-IT organizations. In this way, we help you achieve business advantages, increase in-house productivity along with substantial revenue saving, attaining a competitive edge, technological superiority, and last but not the least a long-term growth.

    The staff at Acknown technologies is consisted of engineers, who have the technical expertise, education, in-depth functional knowledge, and strong development and management experience, which help them to deliver cutting-edge intranet solutions. Acknown’s intranet solutions can help you achieve the following:

    • Increase workforce productivity 35%

    • Improve employee satisfaction as well as turnover by 25%

    • Drive up revenues by 2 to 4%

    Acknown Technology can help you create your intranet network a perfect hub of enterprise collaboration and communication. Thus, it facilitates the growth of new efficiencies and cohesion across your organization, while keeping your employees more engaged and informed. At the same time, we strive to drive your innovation and business to a goal of success.

    By accessing the intranet solutions offered by the Acknown Technologies, you can perfectly arrange the information and distribute it to your customers, in the most effective way.Acknown’s comprehensive intranet solutions can effectively help you create a social network within the organization. Not only it improves employee communication, but also it promotes learning and knowledge sharing process. At the same time, we support an excellent data backend while offering fullest security.

    Feel free to contact us for any queries about our intranet solutions. You can mail us for immediate consultation with our sales personnel.

  • Web Hosting
    Web Hosting

    Over the past few years, Acknown Technologies have been offering a host of web design, development and allied services to their worldwide clients. One of the most significant of these services is the web hosting. We offer a complete suite of web hosting solutions, which includes, Domain registration and allied solutions, well customized as per your personal hosting needs. Whether it’s a personal web page or a business website, Acknown Technologies can help you get the perfect web hosting according to your needs.

    Web hosting needs differ as per the requirements of the business. Hence, Acknown Technologies has introduced various web hosting plans, which are highly effective in their own unique way. Whether, you are just starting out with your first website or you are considering to change your hosting plan, we can provide you what you need. Acknown’s excellent web hosting solutions can help you appreciate and enjoy the excellent speed and world-class features we offer with our web hosting plans. In addition to that, we help you to manage your web hosting and emails using an easy to use and seamless Control Panel.

    As mentioned earlier, we are adept in handling various web hosting plans and can offer you exactly what your business needs. Every Web Hosting account designed by us comes with our powerful web based control panel. You can access this by using our cPanel, WHM and HELM Control Panel and that too within your browser. We give you the complete authority to add or remove email accounts and edit these as required, view website statistics; protect your directories by your chosen password, install different PHP / MySQL scripts as per the requirements. At the same time, we give you the complete and seamless access to Web Mail and FrontPage extensions. Thus, you can have the total control on your website.

    With or web hosting services, you can make huge difference to your website traffic and thus, increase your sales. We ensure that your website can come to the higher ranks in the search engines.

    Feel free to contact us for your web hosting needs. You can call us to have a consultation with our experts.

  • Content Development
    Content Development

    There are billions of websites on the internet which are browsed by users from all parts of the world. The immense success of the online medium has created a new wave of advertising and marketing like never before. In order to make sure that your venture no matter how big or small it is stands out from the rest, one needs to have a well formulated website on the internet. And in order to make sure that your website is reaching the right kind of clients and potential users, you need to have the right kind of content in your website.

    Therefore you need to ensure that content writing for your website is being handled by an efficient developer who has a keen knowledge about the subject. The content of a website needs to be informative but at the same time it should be interesting and striking. Acknown excels in providing content development and content writing services. The quality of the content decides the amount of visibility of your website since the content writing services are an integral part of the link building services. Our highly skilled professional content developers formulate quality content by making use of the popular strategies such as optimizing your website’s content using the popular keywords.

    This ensures that your website will be ranked high on the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Bing etc. As per the ranking of the websites, they are displayed on either the very first page of the search engines or on the second or third page. Therefore the need of search engine optimization is absolutely essential for your website and effective content development is a vital part of the process. If the content of your website if good, automatically your website becomes more visible on the internet. And better the visibility more business you will get.

    Our experts will help you choose what is best for your website, according to that you can either choose to completely change the content of your website or you can opt for necessary amendments that we suggest. Either way you will end up having a smile on your face when you see your business bore results with our team on your side.

    Contact our sales executive to know more about us.

  • Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization

    As far as the internet market is concerned, India is one of the leading zones in the world. You can find all services related to the internet and online sector in India; services which are not only efficient but also very affordable.

    The SEO services in India are divided into broadly two categories - analysis and on page services. The analysis part analyses the most searched and frequently used keyword by internet users in your business category so that you can create content around those keywords. They also analyse the market and the competition to understand what steps should be added to make your website more search engine friendly.

    The next part is the on-page service which places the right keywords at all the important areas of the website such as HTML code, internal linkages and navigation links so that they are picked by the search engine while indexing. This is important as even though you might have the right keywords in the content, you might still not be searched well by the search engine.

    If you are an online businessman in India and want to avail SEO services in India, you are the right place. We excel at all kinds of SEO services and our team of expert and well qualified SEO consultants will provide solutions to all your optimization related problems. Only an expert SEO consultant can understand your optimization needs and you will realise this only when you see the difference in your search engine results. So call us today for SEO services and see the difference in your business.

  • Landing Page Design
    Landing Page Design

    Have you ever wondered why your website cannot have the desired amount of traffic? You might have enough resources and a suite of top-notch services that can business processes extremely streamlined, but what you lack is the attractive landing page. Acknown Technology can help you get a really unique, eye-catching and highly functional landing page, that is sure to increase the volume of quality traffic substantially.

    We are backed by a team of experienced professionals and web designees, who have years of industry experience and the required knowhow to create a professional landing page. Although the functionality of the page is measured in terms of its value in the search engine results, yet the aesthetic quality of the page should not be ignored. At Acknown Technologies, we try to focus on designing a landing page in such a way, so that both ends are met effectively.

    Our eye-catching and unique landing page designs are perfect for business of all kinds. Be it a small start up or a corporate giant, a properly designed landing page can help you increase your sales as well as your popularity in the search engine on a long term basis. We design a landing page in such a way so that the visitors can get a detailed idea as well as the required information about your company, products and services in the most effective way. At the same time, we emphasize on the fact that the design is not too tiring for the eyes. With an effective landing page designed by us, you can not only win the trust of your target market , but can also gain a substantial amount of potential customers for long term.

    Our landing pages are highly customized so that they can help you increase the return on investment (ROI) for your site. Better landing page always sounds good , but creating it requires the industry-specific knowledge, expertise and most importantly the experience. Acknown Technologies have all these and thus we can help you get the best designs at the quickest turnaround time.

    Contact us for all your requirements for designing a landing page. You can mail us for an immediate consultation.

  • Server Migration
    Server Migration

    Acknown Technologies is known for providing server migration services with precision and accuracy. Be it a single website transfers or a multi-server enterprise migrations, Acknown has got the required expertise to get your covered with every possible needs. We have got the years of experience, intellectual capital as well as expertise to serve you in the proper way.

    We have various server migration plans as per your business needs. Considering yours requirements we offer you the appropriate one. Bes it a single server migration or a custom one, you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • Full-service migration of your website

    • Restore site, application and database at the new host

    • All applications and languages s of Linux and Windows

    • Setup email user accounts at new host as and when required

    • Comprehensive test cycle before going live

    • Sync database at your request

    • Point DNS to new server

    It is quite obvious that the server migrations are extremely complex.

    Henceforth, it’s not at all possible to get the best results without the help of the experts. The experts at Acknown are adept in careful planning and execution of the process and thus drive you to success. When we take up any projects, we try to make the necessary preparations required to migrate your data to its new home and that too within the minimal downtime.

    Our Server Migration services encompass a wide variety of servers and configurations. But, for a custom set up, we have different plans. In such cases, we try to evaluate the situations from the very beginning and try to create a plan of action as per your needs. Although we are adept in migrating your data from just about anything yet, a prior study is required to know about the setups. We offer our best time and effort to help you and that too in the most cost-effective way. We also ensure that any concerns pertaining to migration are handled as early as possible.

    Go through our customer testimonials to get affair idea about our services. You can mail us for immediate consultation.
  • Advance Retail Shops
    Advance Retail Shops

    Acknown Technologies is a leading provider of retail business management software, which specializes in offering high-quality and functional POS software for the retail, distribution and supply chain management solutions. We are the market leader in offering end to end solutions to your retail store. Right from store automation to multi-channel retailing, we can help you in the best possible way. In fact, we can offer you the software that can effectively cater as per the volume, value and service. We are adept in integrating Web 2.0, SMS, mobile, touch-screen new technologies cloud-computing, so that we can help your business management needs, no matter you are an independent retailer or the chain retailer.

    Our advance retail software can effectively cater to the retail business like hardware, grocery, mobile shops, and so on. Our software can help you perform a lot of tasks all at the same time, which may include inventory management, online billing, and accounting up to finalization. Being cloud-based, you can access it from your remote location You just have to pay a nominal subscription fee and you will be getting the following benefits:

    • Large number of satisfied users

    • A window based product and have exceptional front-end & back-end technology. You do not even require using any other database license from the third party. Thus, it’s cost-effective and highly functional.

    • Offers high security for shopping and transaction process.

    • Online (Internet based chat/Email/Remote Access) & Telephonic support using a dedicated call centre.

    • Very easy to use. No computer course is required to sue this software. Workers in your shop can start using it within a few minutes.

    • Numerous short cut keys that facilitate quick operations. Helps to perform effectively even in rush hours.

    • Manage working of Multiple Firms

    • Facilitates complete accounting up to finalization. Avoid all time, money & efforts for maintaining separate accounting. Just maintain regular transactions.

    • More than one feature for managing inventory. It may include location tracking, lot-wise rate list maintenance, stock level tracking, slow moving & non moving items.

    Mail us directly for immediate consultation in this regard.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    There are different kinds of SMO or Social Media Optimization services that are provided by internet solution providers so that you can enhance your social media presence. These services let you use the social media as a platform to not only advertise your business but build a network of trusted consumers who are dedicated to you for a certain product or service.

    These services are manifold; some of them are content creation for forums and blog posts which talk about your business. This content not only consists of the written word but also videos and photos which are seen to be more effective when marketing on social media. They do social bookmarking, social media profiling where they create a profile of your business which is appealing to the audience. Local business listings and RSS feed submissions are also part of SMO. All these various services enhance your presence on all kinds of social media and help you use it optimally to enhance your business or any other venture you undertake.

    If you have a business, small or big, and want to use social media to effectively market it amongst your target audience then you have come to the right place. Our company has been excelling in providing SMO services to different clients for a long time now and will be honoured to have you on our list. We have a team of efficient, intelligent and expert SMO consultants who will provide a unique SMO solution tailor made for your business. This means that the blog posts and RSS feeds, forum content and Facebook pages and Twitter feeds will be uniquely designed to suit your business. So call us now and see your business achieve the success it deserves.

  • Website Re Design
    Website Re Design

    Do you think that your website’s performance is gradually going down? It may happen at any time and this is the time when you need the website redesign services. Acknown Technology can offer you a professionally customized website redesign services and solutions considering the purpose and prospective of your business. Our industry-specific and effective solution can help you revamp your website in such a way so that they can get the instant attention from the visitors.

    Our website redesign services are so specific and individual that your site can entice your prospective visitors from the search engine. Obviously enough they can make positive opinion about your business and thus the decision is already made whether they will buy products and services from you. We redesign your site on a timely interval to ensure that it does not look monotonous and outdated. Having a same website over period of time won’t help you get the desired amount of traffic.

    Our website redesign solution and services gives you the following

    • Perfectly complements your business goals and yours marketing efforts

    • Streamlined uses of XHTML and CSS instead of only HTML

    • No broken links or typing errors

    • Perfect font size and style, which is not tiring to the eyes

    • Revamp the page as well as the information

    • Design in compliance with the latest webs standards and algorithm

    • Get higher ranks in the search engine results and attract good traffic

    • Generate substantial leads for PPC programs

    A perfect websites redesigning stems up for a prudent business process. At Acknown Technologies, we are adept in playing with designs, so that we can effectively come up with new designs time and again. We offer you the edge, to always stay a step further from your competitors. Our products and services are sophisticated yet extremely functional at the same time. Our expertise and specific knowledge are backed by a unique creative knack, that prompt us to work according to the clients’ need. Quite obviously , we are always successful in providing out-of-the-box designs that also come suitable to your pockets.

    Go through our portfolio and if you feel that we can help you, mail us for immediate consultation.

  • CRM

    Acknown Technologies is a pioneer in offering quality CRM services to worldwide clients engaged in various business processes. The market is highly competitive and the economic scenario is equally volatile. In this state, it’s your relationship with the customers, which can help you to stay a step further from your competitors. With our CRM services, we help you to provide the customers with the best service levels and that too with highest precision. Quite obviously, you can provide clients with the best customer experience, no matter how far they are located from you. In addition to that, we can help you to meticulously analyze the transactional information. It helps you developing and delivering better services and products for your customers in the long run. Moreover, our quality services also help you to understand your client’s needs and requirements effectively.

    Our CRM practice breathes in the philosophy to work for our customer’s customer. We believe that Customer Relationship Management is nothing but a business strategy that can help you grow your business in the profitable way. In fact, we retain and build up a potential customer base. Availing our CRM strategy can help you maintain your customer relationship in the most effective way.

    Acknown’s end-to-end CRM services include designing and developing CRM strategy, carrying out CRM package evaluation, implementation and upgrade of CRM software, feasibility analysis, data migration and post-implementation support.

    Feel free to contact us for any kind of CRM requirements.

  • PCI Compliance
    PCI Compliance

    Acknown Technologies offer high-class and effective PCI compliance services to the business organizations, irrespective of their sizes. Our services also include providing the required assistance, guidance and assessment to get the companies PCI compliant. We offer exclusive PCI compliance assistance to retailers, banks, manufacturers, software vendors, and government bodies across the world.

    It is important for companies and business to engage a service provider, which can offer PCI compliant service for managing their payment system. Choosing a PCI Compliant Service Provider like Acknown will reduce the manual handling of money and thus it helps alleviating the risk of account data compromise.


    Our PCI compliance assistance and services allow you to maintain information and current statistical data up to date. Our PCI compliance service allows you to accept payment using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and JCB International. We try to focus on transaction volumes of each firms, thereby identify the level of compliance it requires. Accordingly, we also provide validation requirements for according to your transaction volume.

    While you are using the PCI compliance provided by any other providers, keep in mind that merely using a third-party provider won’t help. Using Acknown’s services may cut down on your risk exposure and at the same time reduce your effort to validate compliance. However, the user company of Acknown in no way can ignore the standards laid by the PCI. Being a service provider, we can store, processes, or transmit the cardholder data on behalf of you, thus relieving you from handling cash.

    Acknown has their own payment gateway systems that connect to a merchant or to the bank of the users. Payments accepted on their behalf are directly transferred to their bank account without the least intervention on their part. In short, the entire system is extremely streamlined and hassle free and at the same time, our services can offer you complete protection from fraudulent transaction.

    You can go through our portfolio and check out the kind of services we offer. Get in touch with us for any kind of requirements. You can mail us or can call in the toll free number for immediate consultation.

  • Pay Per Click
    Pay Per Click

    A revolution in online advertising, the Pay Per Click (PPC), is as simple as it sounds. The advantages of par per click advertising are endless. It not only directs a good amount of traffic to your website but also helps your site to rank higher in the search engine results. It is a win-win situation; on one hand you get direct business through greater traffic and on the other hand the visibility and reach of your site increases manifolds. In order to get the maximum out of this service, it should be handled by experts who specialize in tasks such as these. At Acknown, we provide our clients all kinds of PPC services that include important tasks such as PPC management and other content and SEO services.

    The concept of PPC is simple, the more you pay, the higher you rank in search engines, the more business you make. And when you have to pay for the number of clicks you get, you are assured that you are getting through to your audience and there is minimal wastage of resources, its’ like ‘you pay for what you use’.

    There is stiff competition out in the market and millions of links are trying to catch the eyes of users and are waiting to get clicked. So to get noticed in such a competitive environment will require some planning and strategies. Through effective PPC management our experts at Acknown will ensure that your name appears in the right places at the right time so that your prospective customers don’t have to wait for more than fractions of a second to get directly to you. Stay ahead of others by contacting our sales executive for further information.

  • Website Maintenance
    Website Maintenance

    Having a professional website for your business will not yield result if it is not updated from time to time. Depending on the purpose and objective of your business as well as the leading market trends, the website is updated. As a result, some websites require daily maintenance, while the others require periodic updates. It’s where you need the help of the dedicated and experienced web designers and developers from Acknown Technologies.

    We know that constantly changing market trends has immense impact on your business and it operates. Hence, when we take up your projects, we try to keep a focused approach towards it. It helps us in providing a full-fledged website maintenance service as per your business requirements. We are adept in revising, editing, or updating the existing web pages, so that your website is featured with fresh content from time to time. Our maintenance service also includes the periodic addition of new web pages and eliminating the old ones if required.

    Designers at Acknown Technologies have teamed up with the SEO experts to have a clear idea about how the search Engine works. It helps them to design well optimized site and maintaining this as per the standards set by the search engines.

    Keep in mind that website maintenance according to the new rules is extremely vital, or else, your site will be buried in the search engine listings. Obviously enough you will lose your potential audience. Even if the servers are offering you 99% uptime, you need to check the mail links and forms weekly, so that you can know whether the enquiries are being sent from the websites properly. Acknown Technologies offer you the necessary assistance whenever required.

    Even the static HTML website requires timely maintenance. In fact, the efficacy and value of your site depend on your ability to highlight current information about your products and services. At Acknown Technologies we help you do at a reasonable rate. Thus, we help you gain a sustainable competitive edge to your website.

    Get in touch with us for all your websites maintenance needs. For immediate consultation, you can mail us.

  • CMS

    Acknown high quality and effective content management software helps you maximize return on your investment (ROI). Throughout the life cycle of your Content Management Software system, our experts professionals help you post and manage content using it, and at the same time guide, mentor and support your efforts, so that you can reap profitable benefits. We help you meet your business requirements, thereby allowing you to achieve maximum value on your investment.

    Acknown expert team guides you in many different ways. No matter, you are deploying your first content management system, or just simply running a big diverse system in production or rolling out content management system to your entire organization, Acknown Technologies can help you in all your pursuit.

    Availing our content management software can help you to achieve the s following:

    1. Timely and quality delivery of a business solution, which is mainly focused on your changing needs.

    2. Ensure the optimal and seamless performance of your system. Moreover, we help in the perfect maintenance of the same.

    3. Help you and provide assistance to the future expansion and enhancement of your investment in the content management system.

    Acknown Technology can offer you low cost content management system. Moreover, it’s easy to use and highly customized. Thus, it helps you manage your company’s workflow in a streamlined manner.

    For immediate consultation, you can get in touch with us. Feel free to call us at : +91-124-4816350 for your CMS needs.

  • Server Security Services
    Server Security Services

    For every business and organizations, it’s really important to keep the dedicated servers and managed hosting safe and secured. In fact, for a thriving online business, a solid web presence is required. Without a secured hosting, it is not at all possible. There are the threats of bugs, hackers, identity theft appearing almost every day on the Internet. We can help you to secure and safeguard your dedicated servers with all sorts of tools and expertise that you may require to address the unwanted traffic. Thus, we help you deliver a seamless online experience to your customers. We know that redundancy and security are two important aspects of a perfect server solution. Acknown Technology can help you secure connections and maintain data integrity. Accessing our server security services, you can safeguard your online business and protect it from future threats. At the same time, we also help in providing customized firewall management and give professional advice on selecting the right SSL certificate to meet your needs.

    We offer the most famous and high quality brand servers to the clients. You can choose from Dell, Windows, Linux and Unix dedicated servers. We can provide security service for all these servers. In fact, our security service are so well customized that it can give you ultimate protection from any unforeseen situation as and when required. Acknown’s efficient and reliable services for the dedicated server takes cares of the entire server system and also the variety of applications including multimedia, messaging, virtualization or high-volume transactions.

    With the server security services offered by Acknown Technologies, you hardly require to worry about any online threats. Our expert team has developed top-notch security systems that can scrutinize thousands of potential exploits that may crop up. And accordingly, we strengthen your server against future attacks. At Acknown, we continuously try to upgrade our employees with the knowledge about the latest security threats. In this way, they can keep your servers functioning securely and efficiently. Our aim is to provide you solutions as per your business needs and that too within your budget.

    For immediate consultation, get in touch with us by sending a mail or calling in our toll free number.

  • Email Marketing
    Email Marketing

    Internet marketing simply means promoting and advertising your products through the online medium. Marketing your products and services via emails is a very important part of the internet marketing strategies. These days, since internet has become one of the most powerful mediums of communication, all kinds of business ventures are promoting their products and services through internet marketing. We as an internet marketing firm help our clients understand this tool and make the most of it for their benefits.

    Email marketing can be done to accomplish various tasks such as informing people about your company, for promotional purposes, cross-sell additional products or services and to provide discount coupons or deal packages to your existing clients or potential clients. Like any other direct marketing tool, one need to have a proper planning and execution strategy for email marketing, this is where we step in. Acknown has a team of highly skilled content and web developers who will formulate effective strategies for your products and services as per the nature and needs of your business venture.

    A properly executed marketing process ensures higher business prospects and higher fiscal gains. Marketing via emails is not only successful because internet and emails is a widely used medium but also because this entire process is really simple to understand and its implementation is quite easy too. An experienced internet marketing firm like Acknown will help you carry out these marketing processes in a very organized and efficient manner. We have specialists who can handle these tasks for you as per your requirements. The pace at which you will get a feedback from the clients using these methods of marketing is exceptional and the entire process is highly reliable.

    As the trend of email marketing India has grown, we have kept ourselves abreast with the changing requirements of the trade. We know precisely how to make the best out of the available resources and opportunities, therefore no matter how big or tiny your business venture is we’ll make sure that you have the right kind of professional guidance. Our sales executives are looking forward to your call.

  • Mobile & Responsive Design
    Mobile & Responsive Design

    With the increasing usage of internet through Smartphone and other gen-next devices, the necessity of having mobile website is all the more pressing. Gone are the days, when internet was only accessed through desktop and laptops. People are busy nowadays and hardly have time to sit before the computer to check out the websites of the companies. So , if you are still not having a mobile website, you are probably missing out a substantial amount of potential traffic. But worry no more. We at Acknown Technology can help you out.

    We bring ins a whole new suite of mobile and responsive web design services that will not only help you get a mobile-friendly website, but can also help you get the desired traffic from these sources. Our new generation technique is a real innovative way to add flexibility as well as functionality to your website. Our design strategies and standards are so well customized that they can perfectly adapt with the end-user's browser, when accessed through the mobile devices like tablet, Iphone, Ipad or others.

    “One size fits all” is the catchword for our responsive web design. Hence, we have developed our employees in such a manner, so that they can offer the same. Our design techniques are well-conceived and hence, a mobile website designed by us will never run the risk of losing the customer base, just because the website design is not mobile compatible. What’s more! We adhere to the latest web design strategies , that enables us to create effective designs both for the desktop users and Smartphone users. Thus, a single responsive design serves all your purpose, while at the same time, save a good amount of money. In short, it helps you run your business on a lucrative path.

    We love to take new challenges, as it helps us upgrading our skills. We focus on creating designs that are scalable and extremely compatible for all browsers. Our dedication and state-of-the art services have gained us a potential base of customers worldwide.

    Feel free to contact us for any of your needs. We will be happy to help you.

  • Server Support
    Server Support

    Acknown Technology is known for offering a full range of Server Support Services. Maintaining a dedicated server is of utmost importance for the successful running of business. But, for providing time to time support and assistance, hiring a specialized service provider is extremely important and Acknown Technologies can provide you the same. Our dedicate support and that too at the d technicians and support engineers have created robust solutions that can provide quick and excellent minimal downtime.

    Whether your business is built on a new network or you are having an existing network, or you need some development in the infrastructure, Acknown Technology’s server support services can offer you the required technical solutions to meet the security requirements. Our services are marked with scalability and reliability that are required for the successful running of the dedicated servers. In case, any threats are likely to appear, we immediately address these problems with our exclusive range of remote support tools.

    If you come to us with your networking or domain related needs, we try to offer you exactly what your need and sometimes a little more than this. The team of experts in this field have in-depth knowledge in this field as well as about the industry standards. Hence, we can get you a perfect solution, which is custom-made according to your requirements. We also try to adhere to the design, planning, installation and implementation of the website. Our server support services are also extended to protect the LAN, WAN, Inter-networking and Intra-networking. Thus, we can provide the most comprehensive solutions for your business.

    Along with that, we specialize in installation and performance optimization for Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003. Acknown’s full-fledged support solutions for Network Infrastructure as well as System Application are also well acclaimed among the clients. With our support services, we ensure secured flow of information between different platforms and systems. A perfect integration coupled with technical support services is what we provide you to achieve the best.

    For immediate consultation about server support services, you can mail us. Call us at the toll free number to request a quote.

  •  E-catalogue

    Acknown Technologies is the pioneer in providing the best online publication service to you. Our exclusive catalogues not only have exceptional designs, but they also offer best-in-class solution and realistic 3D page showcasing the products and services of the business to the website. In fact, the e catalogue designed by us is effectively downloadable in PDF format.

    Our e catalogues are designed in the advanced way by deploying a wide range of latest technology and tools. They are not only functional, but also user-friendly, smooth and extremely attractive. Our e catalogues have exceptional aesthetic appeal that is equipped with various features, such as hyper linking, simple interface, search facility, bookmarking, Content index, zooming function and so on. In fact, this can be one of the most effective marketing tools, which is usable and cost-effective in the same way.

    We have worldwide clients at present. No matter, where you are based, we can reach you by our services. You can mail the soft copies of your brochures, so that we can check these before having a consultation with you. Once, we get all the details and all our queries about your requirements are sorted out, we will build up your e catalogue and mail it back to you.

    Features of the catalogue prepared by Acknown Technologies

    • Our e catalogue is smooth and realistic page having no difference from book or catalog in reality.

    • Offers faster page loading, quick download of the bigger file or big size catalog

    • Incredible page zooming properties that facilitates clear readability

    • Media files like Video, Music, Flash file can be added as and when required

    • Viewer can download in PDF version from eCATALOG

    • Soothing and Eye-catching user Interface

    • Offers better user experience, inner page linking facility, content listing, and bookmarking, thumbnail view and so on.

    Availing the e catalogue designing services from Acknown Technologies can allow you to reduce the postage cost and increased usability.

    Moreover, it can be distributed through Web, Email, Pen Drive or CD/DVD. Check out our portfolios, to have a better understanding of the e catalogues we design. Feel frees to contact us for your needs.

  • Multi Ecommerce Channel
    Multi Ecommerce Channel

    Are you looking for the bespoke ecommerce web design that can help you drive your online sales on a rapid scale? With Acknown Technologies you can find your answer. We can help you drive your online sales and consequently increase your average order values.

    We can help you get a website designed with cutting edge frontend merchandising features, that helps attracting organic web traffic on a large scale. Thus, we help improving the user experience of your site with well optimized design and highly effective navigation tools. What’s more! The ecommerce website designed by us help you feature content, offerings, recommendations, which can be seamlessly attached to products, catalogs and specific promotions. In short, we help you deliver the ultimate online experience to your customers.

    Our ecommerce integrated service is effectively designed for selling products through any channel, using any model. Our suite of services includes a full-featured, modular ecommerce software solution, along with a revenue management system. Our ecommerce channel helps you develop a quality global affiliate network. In short, our multi-model integrated eCommerce solution is so effectively designed, that it can cater to your business needs as required.

    Multi Ecommerce Channel designed by Acknown Technologies can help you gain the following

    • Helps growing your business online via any channel, any model

    • Help you reach new customers and expand the geographical boundaries.

    • Helps developing new areas of business through expanded channels and diversified licensing models.

    • Helps you make the right and profitable use of time and thus gain operational agility.

    • Get self-service configurable, commerce solution for both online and offline business

    • Improve Business Performance.

    • Leverage cross channel visibility and control

    • Grow as well as retain your customer base.

    • Improve end-to-end customer management from the beginning till its end.

    Delivering a self-service, full-featured eCommerce platform is our aim and thus, we can help you gain a seamless online experience, and grow your business worldwide. We have in-depth knowledge about all the latest market models and thus, we can offer you exactly what you need for your business success.

    Mail us for immediate consultation.

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